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Looking Beyond Your Portfolio

Your financial plan reflects your life

Wealth planning at Fidelis Wealth Management looks beyond the assets in your portfolio. It looks at your life, the priorities you’ve set and the vision you have for your future.

Once we understand who you are and what you’re looking to achieve, we then integrate this information along with an assessment of your entire personal balance sheet, your comfort with risk, your goals and objectives into a personalized wealth plan.

We believe thorough planning requires a multi-disciplined understanding of all the moving parts of your financial life. We take a comprehensive approach to make sense out of all the moving parts of your finances and build an understanding of the whole.

We are happy to include your existing team of personal advisors - those significant individuals who impact your financial world – throughout our process.

Our Fidelis Wealth Service Model includes:

Convenient Access: We believe our relationship includes being available when you need us. For your convenience we maintain regular evening and weekend office hours for client reviews and meetings. We are also available via email and by cell phone.

Frequent Communication: Phone calls or emails provide personal updates on your plan and ensure frequent contact. Additionally, these contacts serve as a reminder for you to schedule phone or personal appointments with us for any wealth management status updates or portfolio management questions.

Regular Reviews: A review is not only about looking back it’s also a time to look ahead. In addition to helping you understand how your investments have performed, a review meeting is the perfect opportunity to re-examine your financial situation and better prepare for the future. If your situation or your objectives change, we work with you to understand the situation and make any necessary adjustments.