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Financial Planning Process

Four steps to your financial plan

Wealth management is a multi-step process that begins with assessing your financial situation and needs and articulating your goals and objectives. True wealth management and financial planning has no end. It’s a cyclical process involving ongoing evaluation, portfolio monitoring, and strategic repositioning in response to changing needs and economic conditions.

Step One: Assessment; Understanding You

A good relationship is based on understanding. We first sit down face-to-face and get to know you, your values and what motivates you. We explore your current financial situation and determine current expenses and liabilities, future financial goals and lifestyle aspirations. 

Step Two: Proposal; A Financial Plan Designed For You

We then create a personalized financial plan, through LPL Financial, that addresses your specific needs and issues during each phase of your financial accumulation and distribution lifecycle. The objective is to identify your non-negotiable, lifestyle, and aspirational, expenses and develop an investment portfolio with your “Family Index” to help you fund and achieve those goals.

Step Three: Implementation; Portfolio Construction

Upon completion of the asset allocation and analysis in the financial planning phase, assets are invested and actively managed across several asset classes such as cash, fixed income, equity and alternative investments. Resulting in a portfolio that is integrated, globally diversified, cost effective and designed to address your growth and income needs. 
There is no guarantee that any investment objective will be met. No strategy ensures a profit or protects against loss.

Step Four: Review; Monitor and Supervise

While managing each client portfolio with a long-term view, we rebalance investments and check our progress against your financial plan and the “Family Index” while continually monitoring the overall portfolio on a regular basis.

You can monitor your portfolios through our 24/7 Account View online portal. We also provide access to many easy-to-use financial tools on our website for all your needs.