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Estate Planning

Planning for unexpected events

One of the hardest questions you will ever have to answer . . .

"How will my family be taken care of if something happens to me?"

The ability to answer with certainty may depend on how well you plan now for life’s unexpected events. A comprehensive estate plan prepared by qualified legal professionals can help you preserve what you have achieved and ensure that your personal wishes are fulfilled.

Together with your other professional advisors, we can help you think through critical issues that may impact your estate planning decisions.

  • Who do you want to inherit your assets?
  • Who do you trust to protect your assets for your minor children?
  • Who should succeed you as owner of your business?
  • What is your potential estate tax liability – and how will you fund it?
  • Who do you most trust to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so?
  • What kind of trust structure can best provide for your heirs?
  • If you sell your business, what is the best way to minimize the tax impact?