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“Wealth is the absence of financial worry, an income you don’t outlive, 
and a meaningful legacy to those whom you love.” 1

Fidelis Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm committed to helping our clients pursue the life goals that matter most today, while helping them prepare for the financial future they envision.

We work closely with you to develop, implement, and monitor a personal wealth management plan designed to adapt to your changing lifestyle, goals and financial objectives while striving to preserve and protect future wealth.

We believe the cornerstone of a successful wealth management Practice is our strong, trusting client relationships forged through a combination of consistent wealth management process, unparalleled personal service, and absolute integrity.

We understand that true stewardship involves more than managing your financial wealth. It entails a personal relationship grounded in understanding your individual goals and objectives, and working together to help you achieve them.

We know that having a comprehensive wealth management plan in place may help you gain clear direction, more control of your finances, and a greater level of comfort with your financial strategy.

As an independent firm we answer directly to our clients, not to a corporate parent or to stockholders. This enables us to devote our attention to your financial goals and dreams and provide objective advice tailored to your individual needs and situation.

1 Simple Wealth Inevitable Wealth, by Nick Murray 2008.