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Making an impact through giving

Giving programs, when structured in thoughtful and creative ways, can significantly change lives and communities. So, how can we help you make an impact?

At Fidelis Wealth Management, We help you focus on what you would like to achieve with your giving, and align that passion with a personalized and effective philanthropic plan of action.

We also recognize that philanthropy is about giving your time. As you share your time and talent by serving on boards, we can also help your charity develop a financial strategy that can include everything from investments to planned giving.

Giving now, deciding later

As part of an overall wealth management program, a Donor Advised Fund can help ensure your philanthropic passion achieves the optimal outcome while providing immediate tax benefits.

As a donor to the fund, you make an irrevocable contribution, enabling you to receive an immediate federal income tax deduction, and at anytime thereafter, you can recommend grants to charitable organizations.

A Donor Advised Fund can also help you:

  • Support your favorite charitable causes meaningfully and specifically
  • Potentially increase your tax benefits
  • Maximize your charitable impact
  • Create an enduring philanthropic legacy

Make a lasting impact

Establishing a philanthropic legacy is a major accomplishment in any person’s life, and attaining this goal can be a challenging task. The greater the philanthropic vision, the greater the complexities surrounding its realization - and the more important the details become.

Private foundations are widely considered to be the most flexible and enduring charitable vehicles for achieving philanthropic goals. However, operating a foundation can involve a great deal of time in order to maintain control of day-to-day administration, make sure the foundation meets compliance regulations and oversee the foundation’s assets.

At Fidelis Wealth Management we work with foundation management companies, who provide the expertise and experience needed to streamline day-to-day administration tasks and stay in compliance with regulations. Allowing you to focus on how your private foundation can make a more powerful impact.