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Professional Portfolio Management

Investment programs for every need

Investment programs for every need

There comes a time when many investors want to delegate responsibility for their investments to qualified professionals. That’s when investors can turn to Fidelis Wealth Management for guidance. We work with you to define an investment strategy based on your investing objectives, time frames, and comfort level with risk.

We then help you choose from a variety of professionally managed investment programs and platforms offered through LPL Financial, to include institutional-style money management, asset allocation programs and platforms, and a variety of other strategies and investments that may be appropriate for your needs.

Professional Portfolio Management features include:

  • Professionally managed investments
  • Ongoing monitoring of outside managers
  • Personalized asset allocation for your accounts
  • The flexibility to change with your evolving needs
  • Your Fidelis Wealth Advisor, who guides you through the process and provides ongoing support

Professional money management does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.