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Living In Retirement

Making the most of this life stage

Congratulations! Your career is over, and you are living the life you envisioned. But like many "retirees," you may still be working. Many retirees take the opportunity to start their own business, while others continue to work part-time or consult.

Sometimes, people’s vision of retirement changes once they’re actually retired. Perhaps they’re wondering if they have the financial resources to enhance their lifestyles with travel or fulfill their lifelong ambition of living in Europe.

Lifestyle decisions have financial consequences. We can help you assess whether new planned expenses can be supported by your various sources of income. If gaps exist, we can help you develop strategies to address them.

And then, of course, there’s the issue of over-consumption - maintaining a lifestyle that your remaining assets can no longer support. Today’s increased life expectancies mean retirement assets will have to last longer than those of previous generations of retirees.

Planning doesn’t stop when you reach retirement. It might actually intensify.

Together we will develop an asset allocation strategy for retirement that reflects your unique circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance, and continue to assess your strategy on a regular basis. We will help you:

  • Keep track of your progress and evaluate whether an adjustment in investment strategy or lifestyle might be appropriate.
  • Reallocate your assets to reflect changing resources, objectives, and economic conditions.
  • Evaluate long-term care/insurance needs and how to fund them.